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Ultrasonic Machinery Used for Baby Diaper Making

    1. HD-N220 Ultrasonic Machines Used for Baby Diaper Layer BondingHD-N220 ultrasonic machine is designed for baby diaper layer bonding. It is highly automated and can finish the whole process such as material feeding, laminating, embossing, separating, bundling, receiving, etc. Its capacity can up to 60m/min in ideal situation, so it can meet most of mass manufacturing demands.
    1. HD-N450 Ultrasonic Bonding Machine for Baby DiaperHD-N450 ultrasonic bonding machine for baby diaper is high automatic, you only need to do is to put 1 to 6 layers of whole roll of materials to the dispensing rack. The machine will automatic finish the remaining processing of feeding, deviation correcting, laminating, embossing, bundling, recycling, receiving, etc. It is efficient and labor-saving.