Customized Ultrasonic Machines

    1. HD-0609 Customized Automatic Face Masks Production LineHD-0609 customized automatic face masks production line can do the whole process from material feeding to finished product outputting automatically and only one operator is needed, so it is high efficient and labor-saving. This machine also can use different molds to produce different size of products.
    1. HD-0611B Customized Automatic Hand Mask Production LineHD-0611B customized automatic hand mask production line use ultrasound principles to weld and disassemble the PP, PE, nonwoven. It can do the whole process from material feeding to finished product outputting automatically and provide a high capacity over 40 pair/min.
    1. HD-0632 Customized Automatic Production Line for Filter Coffee CupHD-0632 customized automatic production line for filter coffee cup (1 input 3 output) is controlled by PLC. It can automatically finish the processing from feeding the whole roll of material to welding and outputting the coffee filter cup.
    1. HD-1713 Customized Leather Punching MachineHD-1713 customized leather punching machine is designed for punching the materials such as leather, artificial leather, plastic, PU, EVA, PVC, etc. It is controlled by computer and can be quickly operated which ensures its high precision and high efficiency.
    1. HD-1602 Ultrasonic Machines for Microphone SleeveHD-1602 Ultrasonic Machines for Microphone Sleeve can automatically realize the whole process including material feeding, ultrasonic welding, finished products collecting, etc. It uses ultrasonic to weld the pp non woven materials to make various sizes of the microphone sleeves. Printing equipment can be attached to this machine according to your requirements.
    1. HD-2007 Ultrasonic Machines for Fruit BagHD-2007 Ultrasonic machines for fruit bag is equipped with touch screen, step-by-step fixed length device, photoelectric tracking device, automatic counting device, automatic tightening rope pulling device and residual material recovery device. It is highly automated, easy to operate, efficient and material saving.